The Ligand Friendly Screen LFS 10ml ECO Version,MiTeGen蛋白结晶,M-MD1-121-ECO 以 96 x 10 mL 的条件呈现


The Ligand Friendly Screen LFS 10ml ECO Version

The Ligand Friendly Screen LFS 10ml ECO Version

M-MD1-121-ECO 以 96 x 10 mL 的条件呈现。 Ligand-Friendly Screen (LFS) 是一种基于 PACT 首要筛选的半合成筛选,并针对化合物结合研究进行了优化。 这是屏幕的 ECO 版本,其中 PCTP 缓冲区已被 PMTP 替换。

  • Manufacturers SKU: MD1-121-ECO
  • MiTeGen SKU: M-MD1-121-ECO

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Features of LFS ECO:

  • Identify more tight-binding ligands, as it contains no components that are likely to bind at protein-ligand interaction sites.
  • Near physiological pH conditions ensure you are studying the active form of your protein.
  • More hits for rarely-crystallising proteins. The semi-systematic format of the screen provides multiple trials of similar conditions – an important factor for difficult cases.
  • Increased hit rate for ligand co-crystallisations – the semi-systematic format efficiently screens around related conditions when complex formation alters crystallisation conditions.
  • In use at the SGC for more than 10 years, crystals grown in the screen conditions have resulted in 190 structures so far, including those of Haspin1 and CLK32 in recent publications.