24 Well Small Sitting Drop Crystallization Plate-MiTeGen蛋白结晶


24 Well Small Sitting Drop Crystallization Plate

24 Well Small Sitting Drop Crystallization Plate

XTalQuest Crystallization Plates

Case of 100

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Product Information

The 24 well ”Small” crystallization plate is used mainly for protein crystal screening by sitting drop vapor diffusion techniques, and for crystallization condition optimization. It has quite large reservoir well and sample container, which favor manual handling and big sized protein crystal growth. In addition, its flat surfaces are easily to be sealed by transparent tape. This has been redesigned according to the existing crystal plates in the market.

  • Maximum capacity is 1.1ml of the tank and maximum drop volume on post is 30 µl
  • Used for both initial crystallization screening and optimized growth
  • With good optical performance and strong resistance to most chemicals
  • This is for a case of 100 plates

note: all sitting drop plates from XTalQuest have the growth area coated with a thin layer of silicone oil to improve the hydrophobic properties.