JBScreen Solubility HTS-MiTeGen纯化和储存蛋白质

JBScreen Solubility HTS-MiTeGen纯化和储存蛋白质

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JBScreen Solubility HTS

JBScreen Solubility HTS, developed by Meindert Lamers from the MRC in Cambridge, is designed to quickly find suitable buffer components to purify and store protein in.
JBScreen Solubility HTS 由来自剑桥大学 MRC 的 Meindert Lamers 开发,旨在快速找到合适的缓冲液成分来纯化和储存蛋白质。

SKU: M-CO-311Category: Crystallization Optimization

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JBScreen Solubility HTS tests for buffer, pH, salt and glycerol at the same time: For all proteins investigated, suitable conditions were found in a single assay. Protein and buffer conditions are dispensed in a ratio of 1:3, thereby minimizing the effect of any buffer components in which the protein is initially stored. Standard crystallization robots set up the assay in 5 minutes and very small amounts of protein are required (10 µl @ 5-10 mg/ml). The results are visible after one hour at high protein concentration or 12 hours at low protein concentration:
SKU: M-CO-311 类别: 结晶优化
同时对缓冲液、pH、盐和甘油进行 JBScreen 溶解度 HTS 测试:对于所有研究的蛋白质,在一次分析中找到了合适的条件。 蛋白质和缓冲液条件以 1:3 的比例分配,从而最大限度地减少最初储存蛋白质的任何缓冲液组分的影响。 标准结晶机器人可在 5 分钟内完成检测,只需要极少量的蛋白质(10 µl @ 5-10 mg/ml)。 结果在高蛋白质浓度下 1 小时或在低蛋白质浓度下 12 小时后可见:

JBScreen Solubility HTSExamples of a drop without protein precipitation (left) and a drop with protein precipitation (right)