JBS Solubility Kit-MiTeGen蛋白结晶溶解度试剂盒

JBS Solubility Kit-MiTeGen蛋白结晶溶解度试剂盒

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JBS Solubility Kit

The JBS Solubility Kit is a pre-crystallization screen designed to optimize the composition of the initial protein buffer solution prior to performing crystallization [1]. Since the highly complex properties of proteins are dependent on their environment, buffer solutions play an important role in influencing the solubility and the aggregation behaviour of the protein sample.

Protein aggregation has been shown to inhibit nucleation and crystal growth and to lead to imperfect nuclei and high mosaicity crystals. The JBS Solubility Kit has been developed to examine and optimize the homogeneity and monodispersity of protein samples prior to crystallization trials, through a combination of hanging drop vapour diffusion experiments and dynamic light scattering.

JBS 溶解度试剂盒
JBS 溶解度试剂盒是一种预结晶筛选,旨在在进行结晶之前优化初始蛋白质缓冲溶液的组成 [1]。 由于蛋白质的高度复杂特性取决于它们的环境,缓冲溶液在影响蛋白质样品的溶解度和聚集行为方面起着重要作用。

蛋白质聚集已被证明会抑制成核和晶体生长,并导致不完美的细胞核和高镶嵌度晶体。 JBS 溶解度试剂盒已开发用于在结晶试验之前通过悬滴蒸气扩散实验和动态光散射的组合检查和优化蛋白质样品的均匀性和单分散性。

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The JBS Solubility Kit contains a set of 24 buffer solutions at different pH-values for setting up hanging drop vapour diffusion experiments to explore the aggregation and precipitation of the protein sample, and a set of 14 additives to be used for further optimization using dynamic light scattering.

SKU: M-CO-310 类别: 结晶优化
JBS 溶解度试剂盒包含一组 24 种不同 pH 值的缓冲溶液,用于设置悬滴蒸汽扩散实验以探索蛋白质样品的聚集和沉淀,以及一组 14 种添加剂,用于使用动态光进行进一步优化 散射。

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[1] Jancarik et al. (2004) Optimum solubility (OS) screening: an efficient method to optimize buffer conditions for homogeneity and crystallization of proteins. Acta Cryst. D60:1670.