Crystallophore Pre-Screening Agents-MiTeGen预筛选剂

Crystallophore Pre-Screening Agents-MiTeGen预筛选剂

上海金畔生物代理MiTeGen品牌蛋白结晶试剂耗材工具等,我们将竭诚为您服务,欢迎访问MiTeGen官网或者咨询我们获取更多相关MiTeGen品牌产品信息。Crystallophore Pre-Screening AgentsCrystallophore Pre-Screening Agents

Crystallophore Pre-Screening Agents

You have your choice of two Crystallophore Pre-Screening Agents. Both are mainly adapted to soluble proteins and complexes. Their new nucleating packaging is now adapted for limited amounts of protein (25 µL).  Crystallophore Pre-Screening Agents are sold in packs of 5 vials.

您可以选择两种 Crystallophore 预筛选剂。 两者都主要适用于可溶性蛋白质和复合物。 他们的新成核包装现在适用于有限量的蛋白质 (25 µL)。 Crystallophore 预筛选剂以 5 瓶一包的形式出售。

These are:

LuXo4-01-N as PRE-SCREENING AGENT (LuXo4-01/0.15mg to use) – Sold in Quantity of Five Microtubes, with 0.15mg in each Microtube
Lutetium based LuXo4-01-N does not only provide new crystallization conditions but it also improves the quality of the obtained crystals and is designed to improve phasing properties of obtained co-crystals using SAD or MAD methods

TbXo4-02-N V2 as PRE-SCREENING AGENT (TbXo4-02/0.17 mg to use) – Sold in Quantity of Five Microtubes, with 0.17 mg in each Microtube
Second generation Terbium based Crystallophore, TbXo4-02-N is an effective nucleant that presents improved nucleation enhancement properties to Tb-Xo4 first generation. It is also designed to improve phasing properties of obtained co-crystals using SAD or MAD methods

LuXo4-01-N and TbXo4-02-N are considered complementary nucleating agents. Try them out for:

  • Generating new crystallization conditions
  • Inducing different crystal forms
  • Improving crystal quality and reproducibility.

Prior to crystallization experiments, Crystallophore LuXo4-01-N and TbXo4-02-N shall be dissolved first with 25 µL of protein solution before running crystallization trials. (Both are supplied in 0.5 ml microtubes having a conical bottom and screw cap under Argon.)

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View our recorded meeting concerning Polyvalan’s Crystallophore Pre-Screening and Experimental Agents


LuXo4-01-N 作为预筛选剂(使用 LuXo4-01/0.15 毫克)– 以五个微管的数量出售,每个微管含 0.15 毫克
基于镥的 LuXo4-01-N 不仅提供了新的结晶条件,而且还提高了所获得晶体的质量,旨在改善使用 SAD 或 MAD 方法获得的共晶的定相性能

TbXo4-02-N V2 作为预筛选剂(使用 TbXo4-02/0.17 毫克)– 以五个微管的数量出售,每个微管含 0.17 毫克
第二代铽基晶体载体 TbXo4-02-N 是一种有效的成核剂,与第一代 Tb-Xo4 相比,它具有改进的成核增强特性。它还旨在改善使用 SAD 或 MAD 方法获得的共晶的定相性能

LuXo4-01-N 和 TbXo4-02-N 被认为是互补的成核剂。试试看:

在结晶实验之前,在进行结晶试验之前,应先用 25 µL 蛋白质溶液溶解 Crystallophore LuXo4-01-N 和 TbXo4-02-N。 (两者均在 0.5 ml 微管中提供,该微管具有锥形底部和氩气下的螺旋盖。)

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Product Information

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The quantities of each of these products are different (0,15mg and 0,17mg) because of their respective molar mass.

Instructions for LuXo4-01-N and TbXo4-02-N as a PRE-SCREENING AGENTS.

Crystallophore Pre-Screening Agents

Methods of use:

  1. A short centrifugation of the Xo4-N microtube allows the powder* to form a pellet.
  2. The pellet is then re-suspended with 25 µl of protein solution to reach a final Xo4 concentration of 10 mM.
  3. Mix it (the protein solution may turn cloudy without affecting the subsequent screening. Check for nano/micro crystals)
  4. The solution shall be immediately used for crystallization.
    • 2′ It’s also possible to play with the Xo4 concentration, as hits have already been observed from 2 mM and up to 50 mM and more: by forming the drop through the mixing of 1 vol of protein solution + 1 vol of Xo4 solution + 1 vol of precipitant (in that order = Xo4 first). In the case of a cloudy solution after addition of the protein solution, repeat the process by dissolving first the crystallophore powder with a solution of NaHCO3 10mM at pH 7
    • 3′ Use it immediately for your screening trials by doing a 1+1+1 drop (in that order: protein solution + Xo4 solution + precipitant solution)

Use mother liquor or aliquots of Xo4 rapidly and store them frozen at -80°C until further use.

Depending on the protein, different screens can be used. In order to get as many exploitable hits as possible, the optimal crystallization experiment would combine screening of conditions of the protein both in native conditions and in presence of Xo4 (i.e.: two drops shall be made, without and with).

*can also be a light brown oil: the aspect of the product can be distorted by an effect of temperature or transport, but it does not change its efficiency.


  • MSDS LuXo4-01
  • MSDS TbXo4-02
  • User Guide – Polyvalan LuXo4-01
  • User Guide – Polyvalan TbXo4-02
  • Product Flyer


Xo4-N 微管的短暂离心使粉末* 形成颗粒。
然后用 25 µl 蛋白质溶液重新悬浮沉淀,以达到 10 mM 的最终 Xo4 浓度。
2′ 也可以使用 Xo4 浓度,因为已经观察到从 2 mM 到 50 mM 甚至更多的命中:通过混合 1 体积蛋白质溶液 + 1 体积 Xo4 溶液 + 1 形成液滴沉淀剂的体积(按此顺序 = Xo4 首先)。如果加入蛋白质溶液后溶液呈混浊,重复该过程,首先用 pH 7 的 NaHCO3 10mM 溶液溶解结晶体粉末
3′ 通过进行 1+1+1 滴(按此顺序:蛋白质溶液 + Xo4 溶液 + 沉淀剂溶液)立即将其用于筛选试验
迅速使用母液或等分的 Xo4,并将它们冷冻在 -80°C 下储存,直至进一步使用。

根据蛋白质,可以使用不同的屏幕。为了获得尽可能多的可利用的命中,最佳结晶实验将结合在天然条件和存在 Xo4 的情况下对蛋白质条件的筛选(即:应制作两滴,没有和有)。



MSDS LuXo4-01
MSDS TbXo4-02
用户指南 – Polyvalan LuXo4-01
用户指南 – Polyvalan TbXo4-02