Custom Engraving Cryo-EM Pucks-MiTeGen 定制雕刻 Cryo-EM 圆盘

Custom Engraving Cryo-EM Pucks-MiTeGen 定制雕刻 Cryo-EM 圆盘


Custom Engraving Cryo-EM Pucks

Cryo-EM pucks come standard with engraved serialization from the factory (e.g. CPS-0583).

Alternatively if specified at the time of purchase you have the option to have the pucks custom engraved at no extra charge (order part number M-CEMG2-ENGRAVE). The format for the custom serial engraving is limited to three (3) CAPITAL letters then a dash followed by three (3) numbers. Here is an example, ABC-001 to ABC-007.


If you have a specific range of codes you would like engraved on your pucks describe it here. Leave this blank and we will generate a unique range of codes for you (e.g. ABC-001 — ABC-007)

定制雕刻 Cryo-EM 圆盘
Cryo-EM 圆盘标配有工厂雕刻的序列号(例如 CPS-0583)。

或者,如果在购买时指定,您可以选择免费雕刻圆盘(订购部件号 M-CEMG2-ENGRAVE)。 自定义序列雕刻的格式限制为三 (3) 个大写字母,然后是破折号,后跟三 (3) 个数字。 这是一个示例,ABC-001 到 ABC-007。

如果您有特定范围的代码想要刻在您的冰球上,请在此处描述。 将此留空,我们将为您生成一系列独特的代码(例如 ABC-001 — ABC-007)


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