Au-Flat Cryo-EM Sample Support Grid-MiTeGen蛋白结晶


Au-Flat Cryo-EM Sample Support Grid

Au-Flat Cryo-EM Sample Support Grid

Au-flat™ is an ultrastable holey gold alloy film (80% Au and 20% Pd) with a thickness of about 45 nm supported by a standard transmission electron microscopy (TEM) gold grid. It’s a derivative of the patented C-flat™ holey carbon films.

Au-Flat is offered in two configurations:

  • 1.2 µm/1.3 µm hole pattern on 300 mesh Gold grids (Box of 50 or 5)
  • 2µm/2µm Hole Pattern on 200 mesh Gold grids (Box of 50)

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Au-Flat Cryo-EM Sample Support Grid SKU: M-CEM-AUFT313-50 $925.00
Au-Flat Cryo-EM Sample Support Grid SKU: M-CEM-AUFT313-05 $125.00
Au-Flat Cryo-EM Sample Support Grid SKU: M-CEM-AUFT222-50 $925.00

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Product Information

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Product Specifications

  • Grid Material – Gold Grid
  • Mesh Size – Either 200 or 300
  • OD – 3.05 mm
  • Film Material – Gold Alloy
  • Film Thickness – 45nm thick
  • Hole Patterns
    • 1.2/1.3 hole pattern (1.2 um diameter, 1.3 µ spacing between holes)
    • 2/2 hole pattern (2 um diameter, 2 µ spacing between holes)

What are the benefits of Au-Flat over other gold TEM grids?

Fewer Mistakes

The lighter color of the Au/Pd alloy film compared to the underlying gold mesh grid makes it easy to identify the “holey” side of the grid during sample prep. This ensures the sample is deposited on the correct side and that the grid is loaded and imaged in the correct orientation.


Au-Flat is produced with gold mesh grids that are about 6 microns thicker than typical Cryo-EM grids. This makes the grids stiffer and less likely to bend or deform. The increased thickness is fully compatible with side-entry holders as well as auto-loaders.


Au-Flat features a holey Au/Pd film on a gold mesh grid, so it’s chemically inert and biologically compatible.

How long does it take to receive Au-Flat?

Approximately 3 to 4 weeks