SSRL Sample Storage Cassette-MiTeGen,SSRL 样品储存盒

SSRL Sample Storage Cassette-MiTeGen SSRL 样品储存盒

上海金畔生物代理MiTeGen品牌蛋白结晶试剂耗材工具等,我们将竭诚为您服务,欢迎访问MiTeGen官网或者咨询我们获取更多相关MiTeGen品牌产品信息。SSRL Sample Storage Cassette

SSRL Sample Storage Cassette

The sample storage cassette is approved for use with the with the Stanford Automated Mounting (SAM) system used at SSRL protein crystallography beam lines.

Each sample storage cassette accommodates 96 samples and is compatible with 18 mm magnetic sample pin bases with or without copper posts.

MiTeGen offers a variety of tools for handling SSRL Cassettes individually or as a starter kit.

SSRL 样品储存盒
样品存储盒已获准与用于 SSRL 蛋白质晶体学光束线的斯坦福自动安装 (SAM) 系统一起使用。

每个样品存储盒可容纳 96 个样品,并与带或不带铜柱的 18 mm 磁性样品针座兼容。

MiTeGen 提供了多种工具,用于单独处理 SSRL 卡带或作为入门套件。

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  • Stanford Automated Mounting (SAM) System
The cassette is a hard anodized aluminum cylinder (64 mm diameter x 130 mm high) containing 96 sample ports. Cassettes for online purchase are black. Other colors are available for large scale orders. Contact Mitegen for more information on custom orders.
Calibration / alignment cassettes are used to calibrate the SSRL Sample Automated Mounting System. These are made to tighter tolerances than regular cassettes and contain only two rows of ports. Do not purchase alignment cassettes for sample storage or shipping.
Sample pins are held into the sample cassette ports by nickel coated NdFeB ring magnets (10.4 mm OD, 7.6 mm ID x 2.5 mm). These magnets are held in place by removable polycarbonate washers. Replacement cassette magnets and washers are available for online purchase
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