ALS-Style Puck – 1 puck-MiTeGen ALS 型机器人Puck

ALS-Style Puck – 1 puck-MiTeGen ALS 型机器人Puck

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ALS-Style Puck – 1 puck

Original Puck (for use with ALS-style robots only) The ALS-style Puck is a sample pin storage and shipping container compatible with ALS-style sample mounting robots. (This container should not be confused with the V1-Uni-Puck which is compatible with a variety of sample mounting robots.) The puck holds 16 sample pins. It consists of two parts shown in the image: 1) the sample enclosure (left) and 2) the sample base piece (right). Only the sample base piece is magnetic. Each part of the puck has a unique serial number for identification.

ALS 型冰球 – 1 个
Original Puck(仅用于 ALS 型机器人) ALS 型 Puck 是与 ALS 型样品安装机器人兼容的样品针存储和运输容器。 (此容器不应与兼容各种样品安装机器人的 V1-Uni-Puck 混淆。)该容器可容纳 16 个样品针。 它由图中所示的两个部分组成:1) 样品外壳(左)和 2) 样品底座(右)。 只有样品基片是磁性的。 冰球的每个部分都有一个唯一的序列号用于识别。


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MiTeGen also offers a variety of tools for use with the ALS-Style Puck.