_3292_175cm2科研用培养瓶,透气盖,BIND表面,已灭菌CellBIND Surface培

corning 培养瓶LONZA 12-725F UltraCULTURE Serum-free Medium无血清培养基

corning 血清移液管Technology #087-0112DK 无血清细胞培养基(细胞治疗级)

corning 冻存管 ,LONZA 04-418Q X-VIVO 15 无血清培养基

Lonza LT07-118/LT07-218/LT07-318/LT07-418/LT07-518 MycoAlert Mycoplasma Detection Kit 广谱支原体检测试剂盒

corning 3292 175cm2科研用培养瓶,透气盖,BIND表面,已灭菌CellBIND Surface培养瓶介绍:

  • 康宁CeIIBIN D@表面是一种新型的细胞培养处理表面,它可以增加了
  • 使用光学透明的纯净聚苯乙烯制造
  • 进行了细胞吸附优化处理
  • 打印批号容易追踪
  • 00%*经过测试
  • 经过伽马射线灭菌
  • 经过无热源认证



直角培养瓶从底部到斜颈  处有+定的坡度,更便于倾倒液体和移液管进入。

大多数斜颈瓶还有一个防倾侧的裙边以增加稳定性。    corning 3292 175cm2科研用培养瓶,透气盖,BIND表面,已灭菌CellBIND Surface培养瓶英文描述:

Corning CeIIBIN D @ surface is a new type of cell culture processing surface, it can be increased
Using optical transparent pure polystyrene manufacturing
To optimize the cell adsorption process
Print batch easy to track
00% fully tested
After gamma ray sterilization
After no heat source authentication

Breathable cover with a diameter of 0.2 microns across the wet film sealed bottle caps, can provide continuous and sterile gas exchange, at the same time to minimize the risk of pollution. Highly recommend this type of cap type is used to keep all our fleet wall box, especially in the case of long-term use. This design of cap type is corning innovations in 1988.

Angle neck improved the operability of pipette, splashes and reduces the medium to the neck. This kind of cap 。

corning 3292 175cm2科研用培养瓶,透气盖,BIND表面,已灭菌CellBIND Surface培养瓶构造:





1, made of pure polystyrene.
2, each individual packaging, Gamma ray sterilization, sterile without heat source.
3, the use of easy open type packing, that is, is simple and ensure aseptic requirements.
4, the unique design of drip tight bi-directional scale, the tail has a pollution prevention cotton core.

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