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New Involution of ELISA

Why choose TSZELISA?

  • We have the best price! Compare to other ELISA kit supplier which list the price from $800-$1500 for only 96 tests, you save 20-50% from us.

  • We are confident in quality of our products. Thus we provide trial pricing for qualified customers. Contact us to see if you are qualified or not.

  • We have good quality control for every kit by every lot. We try our best to reduce any differentiation between lots and lots to keep your experiment getting more consistent results.

  • We optimized the most convenient method for the manipulation. For the whole ELISA test, you only need around TWO hours! Click here to see the step descriptions.

  • We sincerely support scientists for their research. We rebate $100 for any researcher who published papers and quoted by using our products.

  • We have strong technical support team, and we always seriously listen to any feedback, suggestion even complain to improve our qualities, no matter for the products or for our services.