SWISSCI结晶板 Diaplate 96 Experiment 3.2μl Capacity Dialyser

SWISSCI结晶板 Diaplate 96 Experiment 3.2μl Capacity Dialyser

Diaplate 96 Experiment 3.2μl Capacity Dialyser


  • ANSI/SLAS 1-2004 Standard
  • 96 individual membranes
  • 3.2 μl capacity

Key Features

  • Multiple application
  • Complete kit
  • High throughput use

Diaplate 96 实验 3.2μl 容量透析器

ANSI/SLAS 1-2004 标准
96 个单独的膜
3.2 微升容量




The disposable Diaplate™ is a 96 well micro-dialysis plate ideal for the dialysis of protein from very small volumes of up to a maximum of 3.2μl.
Each of the 96 wells has a separate regenerated cellulose membrane. ANSI/ SLAS 1-2004 standards provide high-throughput use with robotic dispensing.
The SWISSCI  Diaplate™ comes as with a choice of 3, 5, 10 or 30 KDa MWCO membranes. The Diaplate™ kit includes: Diaplate with 200 Micron Pressure Adhesive Spacer, 200 Micron UVP Cover Film, UVXPO evaporation cover plate and a Sealing Paddle.


• Protein and peptide purification/concentration
• Cryo-EM Sample preparation
• Variation of crystallization conditions for crystal growth and Growth of micro-crystals for serial crystallography
• Sample preparation for biophysical assays i.e ThermoFlour®
• Removal of dyes after protein labeling
• Electro-elution of proteins
• Protein and DNA desalting/buffer exchange
• Protein in vitro translation
• Glycoprotein modification and engineering
• Enzyme activity/binding assays/detergent removal

Product Specifications

• Simple handling, ready to use, easy sample recovery
• Complies with ANSI/SLAS standards for automation
• Pipetting can be performed manually or using a robot
• Ideal for the desalting of up to 3.2μl protein solution
• No cross-contamination or leakage between wells guaranteed
• 96 individual regenerated cellulose membranes; sulfur and heavy metal-free
• A choice of different MW cut-off membranes
• Protein crystallization applications allow for unique matrix changing
• Low protein binding and high protein retention
• Dialysis complete in 2-4 hours
• Gentle and efficient desalting without disturbing valuable protein complexes



一次性 Diaplate™ 是一款 96 孔微量透析板,非常适合从极小体积到最大 3.2μl 的蛋白质透析。
96 个孔中的每一个都有一个单独的再生纤维素膜。 ANSI/ SLAS 1-2004 标准为机器人点胶提供了高通量使用。
SWISSCI Diaplate™ 可选择 3、5、10 或 30 KDa MWCO 膜。 Diaplate™ 套件包括:带 200 微米压力粘合剂垫片、200 微米 UVP 覆盖膜、UVXPO 蒸发盖板和密封垫的 Diaplate。


• 蛋白质和肽纯化/浓缩
• 冷冻电镜样品制备
• 晶体生长的结晶条件变化和连续晶体学的微晶体生长
• 用于生物物理分析的样品制备,例如 ThermoFlour®
• 蛋白质标记后去除染料
• 蛋白质的电洗脱
• 蛋白质和 DNA 脱盐/缓冲液交换
• 蛋白质体外翻译
• 糖蛋白修饰和工程
• 酶活性/结合测定/去污剂


• 操作简单,即用型,样品回收方便
• 符合 ANSI/SLAS 自动化标准
• 可以手动或使用机器人进行移液
• 最适合脱盐高达 3.2μl 的蛋白质溶液
• 保证井之间没有交叉污染或泄漏
• 96 个单独的再生纤维素膜;不含硫和重金属
• 可选择不同的 MW 截止膜
• 蛋白质结晶应用允许独特的基质变化
• 低蛋白结合和高蛋白保留
• 透析在 2-4 小时内完成
• 温和高效的脱盐,不会干扰有价值的蛋白质复合物

Order Information

Item: Diaplate
Code: W82003; W82005; W82010; W82030.
Details: Pack of 3

Diaplate Crystallisation Method

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