一个 96 条件的蛋白质结晶筛选,具有原始化学成分,包含在超过 33000 个 PDB 结构中发现的一系列低分子量配体。 在世界著名的分子生物学实验室(英国剑桥)开发和使用——Morpheus® 继承了原创和动态的传统。 这种独特的屏幕旨在解锁以前使用传统屏幕无法访问的新型化学空间。

此处提供了描述 Morpheus® 屏幕配方的 IUCr 网络研讨会,以及描述用于优化在 Morpheus® 条件下获得的晶体的四角方法的网络研讨会。 该套件显示为 96 条件屏幕。

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Category: Crystallization Screens

Product Information

Features of Morpheus®:

  • Simple and effective 3D grid design covering a range of pH, PEGs and salt additives.
  • 49 low molecular weight ligands promote both initial crystal formation and lattice stability.
  • Ideal for membrane proteins (contains PEGS and low salt)
  • Reduced crystal “stress” – all conditions are cryo-protected.
  • Derived from extensive data mining of over 33,000 PDB entries.
  • Available in both 10 mL tube and 96 condition deep well block formats.
This product has been designed and developed by Fabrice Gorrec, in collaboration with the scientists at the Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB) at Cambridge and is manufactured exclusively under license by Molecular Dimensions Limited.