MiTeGen B-M7,MicroGripper Epoxied Assembly,MiTeGen蛋白结晶


MicroGripper Epoxied Assembly
MicroGripper Epoxied Assembly

MicroGripper Epoxied Assembly

MiTeGen 为低温晶体学提供即用型组件。 此页面提供了 MicroGripper™ (M7) 样式的组件,这些样式用环氧树脂封装到您选择的基本样式中。 这些组件非常适合标准实验室使用或高通量应用。

Laser Engraved barcoding is available.


Add CryoVials

Add 20 CryoVials for each quantity of assembly

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Product Information

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Each assembly consists of:

  • (20) MicroGrippers™ of your choice;
  • (20) Goniometer Bases of your choice;


  • (Optional) (20) Magnetic Cryovials.

All assemblies are constructed using the standard 18 mm (L18SP) rod length. (Other lengths available for an extra charge upon request: 19 mm, 25 mm)

Choose a single aperture size or A1 for an assortment of sizes:

A1: 20 pins, 5 each of 50, 100, 200, 300 μm apertures.

Angled Tip options are available as well.

MicroGripper Epoxied Assembly