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Crystallography Sampler Kit

Crystallography Sampler Kit

If you’ve been using nylon loops for crystal harvesting and data collection, MiTeGen’s collection of general purpose and specialized tools may be a bit overwhelming. To help introduce you to our products, we’ve put together a sampler kit of some of our most popular tools.

Crystallography Sampler Kit SKU: MSK-1 $206.00
Crystallography Sampler Kit SKU: MSK-2 $608.00

Categories: Crystal Harvesting, Starter Kits

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Crystal Harvesting Sampler Kit 1- contains 40 mounts for crystal harvesting and data collection:

    • Dual-Thickness MicroMounts™– 5 each of 50μm & 100μm apertures
    • MicroMeshes™– 5 of the 400/25μm aperture
    • Dual-Thickness MicroLoops™– 5 of the 200μm aperture
    • Dual-Thickness MicroLoops LD™– 5 each of 50μm & 150μm apertures
    • MicroLoops E™ – 5 of the 50×500μm vertical aperture
    • MicroGrippers™ – 5 of the 50μm aperture
    • on 18mm/SPINE rods

Crystal Harvesting Sampler Kit 2– contains 120 mounts for crystal harvesting and data collection:

  • 20 Dual-Thickness MicroMounts™ (M2-L18SP-A2)
  • 20 Dual-Thickness MicroLoops LD™ (M5-L18SP-A2LD )
  • 20 Dual-Thickness MicroLoops (M5-L18SP-A4)
  • 20 MicroMeshes™ (M3-L18SP-A1)
  • 20 MicroLoops™ E (M8-L18SP-VA1)
  • 20 MicroGrippers™ (M7-L18SP-A1)
  • on 18mm/SPINE rods