LD25 Liquid Dewar 25 liters-MiTeGen蛋白结晶


LD25 Liquid Dewar 25 liters

LD25 Liquid Dewar 25 liters

The LD25 25 liter liquid dewar is designed for storing and dispensing small amounts of liquid nitrogen. The LD25 features dual handles that allow for easy pouring.

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SKU: TW-LD25Categories: Cryocrystallography, IC Biomedical LD Series Cryogenic Liquid Dewars, Lab Equipment & Instruments

Product Information

  • LD25 Specifications
  • LD25 Features
  • LD25 Accessories
  • Static Holding Days: 109
  • Evaporation Rate: 0.23
  • Liquid Nitrogen Capacity: 25 liters
  • Weight Empty: 23.2 lbs. / 10.5 kg
  • Weight Full: 67.7 lbs / 30.8 kg.
  • Neck Diameter: 2.5″ / 64mm
  • Overall Height: 25.8″ / 655mm
  • Overall Diameter: 15.6″ / 396mm
  • ICBiomedical has purchased the Worthington Industries line of cryogenic equipment.
  • ICBiomedical SKU: 367128
  • MiTeGen SKU: TW-LD25
  • Worthington Industries SKU: 367128
  • Taylor Wharton SKU: 25LDB

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