JBScreen Pentaerythritol-MiTeGen蛋白晶体冷冻保护剂

JBScreen Pentaerythritol-MiTeGen蛋白晶体冷冻保护剂

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JBScreen Pentaerythritol

JBScreen Pentaerythritol has been designed for efficient crystallization screening of biological macromolecules based on pentaerythritol polymers as precipitants. The screen was developed by Ulrike Demmer from the Max-Planck-Institute for Biophysics in Frankfurt.

JBScreen Pentaerythritol 设计用于基于季戊四醇聚合物作为沉淀剂的生物大分子的高效结晶筛选。 该屏幕由法兰克福马克斯普朗克生物物理研究所的 Ulrike Demmer 开发。

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JBScreen Pentaerythritol has been designed for efficient crystallization screening of biological macromolecules based on pentaerythritol polymers as precipitants. The screen was developed by Ulrike Demmer from the Max-Planck-Institute for Biophysics in Frankfurt.The choice of a suitable precipitant is of crucial importance for the crystallization of proteins. JBScreen Pentaerythritol utilizes two novel precipitating agents, i.e. pentaerythritol propoxylate and pentaerythritol ethoxylate. Both are branched polymers containing a pentaerythritol backbone. Thus they differ from more traditional precipitants like MPD and PEG’s in size and nature.In addition, pentaerythritol polymers function as cryoprotectants. Protein crystals grown in high concentrations of these precipitants can be frozen directly from the crystallization drop. The successful application of pentaerythritol polymers to yield protein crystals was first described by Gulick et al. [1]. Furthermore, this class of precipitants has been used for membrane crystallization: The X-ray structure of cbb3 Cytochrome Oxidase was published in Science in 2010. Crystals of this proton pumping membrane protein were successfully grown using pentaerythritol ethoxylate as precipitation agent [2].

JBScreen Pentaerythritol comprises of 96 unique conditions, based on 4 different pentaerythritol polymers as precipitating agent:
Pentaerythritol propoxylate 426 (5/4 PO/OH)
Pentaerythritol propoxylate 629 (17/8 PO/OH)
Pentaerythritol ethoxylate 270 (3/4 EO/OH)
Pentaerythritol ethoxylate 797 (15/4 EO/OH)
The 4 polymers are arranged to a grid screen, thus allowing screening i) of three different precipitant concentrations, ii) four different pH values and iii) with and without the addition of salts, i.e. magnesium chloride, ammonium sulfate, potassium chloride.
The advantage of JBScreen Pentaerythritol not only lies in the novel 96 conditions but also in the systematic arrangement of the unique reagents, which enables the user to compare individual conditions directly. Even if initial screening may not always yield crystals, valuable information about the protein under investigation can be obtained from the scoring sheet.

Bulk – 24 or 96 screening solutions in 10 ml aliquots
HTS – 96 screening solutions delivered in a deep-well block, 1.7 ml per well

JBScreen Pentaerythritol 设计用于基于季戊四醇聚合物作为沉淀剂的生物大分子的高效结晶筛选。该屏幕由法兰克福马克斯普朗克生物物理研究所的 Ulrike Demmer 开发。
选择合适的沉淀剂对于蛋白质的结晶至关重要。 JBScreen Pentaerythritol 使用两种新型沉淀剂,即季戊四醇丙氧基化物和季戊四醇乙氧基化物。两者都是含有季戊四醇主链的支化聚合物。因此,它们在大小和性质上不同于更传统的沉淀剂,如 MPD 和 PEG。

此外,季戊四醇聚合物用作冷冻保护剂。在这些沉淀剂的高浓度下生长的蛋白质晶体可以直接从结晶液滴中冷冻。 Gulick 等人首先描述了季戊四醇聚合物在生产蛋白质晶体方面的成功应用。 [1]。此外,此类沉淀剂已用于膜结晶:cbb3 细胞色素氧化酶的 X 射线结构于 2010 年发表在《科学》杂志上。使用季戊四醇乙氧基化物作为沉淀剂成功地生长了这种质子泵膜蛋白的晶体 [2]。

JBScreen Pentaerythritol 包含 96 种独特条件,基于 4 种不同的季戊四醇聚合物作为沉淀剂:
季戊四醇丙氧基化物 426 (5/4 PO/OH)
季戊四醇丙氧基化物 629 (17/8 PO/OH)
季戊四醇乙氧基化物 270 (3/4 EO/OH)
季戊四醇乙氧基化物 797 (15/4 EO/OH)
将 4 种聚合物排列成网格筛,从而允许筛选 i) 三种不同的沉淀剂浓度,ii) 四种不同的 pH 值和 iii) 添加和不添加盐,即氯化镁、硫酸铵、氯化钾。
JBScreen Pentaerythritol的优势不仅在于新颖的96个条件,还在于独特试剂的系统排列,使用户可以直接比较各个条件。即使初始筛选可能并不总是产生晶体,也可以从评分表中获得有关所研究蛋白质的有价值的信息。


散装 – 24 或 96 种筛查溶液,10 毫升等分试样
HTS – 96 种筛选溶液以深孔模块形式提供,每孔 1.7 ml

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[2] Buschmann et al. (2010) The Structure of cbb3 Cytochrome Oxidase Provides Insights into Proton Pumping. Science 329:327.

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