SWISSCI 悬滴板密封膜 Hanging Drop Round Seals

SWISSCI 悬滴板密封膜 Hanging Drop Round Seals

 SWISSCI 悬滴板密封膜 Hanging Drop Round Seals

Hanging Drop Round Seals


  • ANSI/SLAS 1-2004 Standard
  • 96 wells
  • UV / Non-UVP Transmissible Polymer

Key Features

  • Accommodates 3 separate drops of protein
  • Fits standard 2 or 3-drop MRC plates
  • Choice of 100 or 40-micron UVP specialty polymer layer
事实ANSI/SLAS 1-2004 标准
UV / 非 UVP 可透过聚合物

容纳 3 滴单独的蛋白质
适合标准的 2 或 3 滴 MRC 板
可选择 100 或 40 微米 UVP 特种聚合物层



The revolutionary SWISSCI Hanging Drop Crystallisation Plate Seal (UVOP / Non-UVP) comes ready to use with a dust-free protective coating and specialty polymer base. The Seals accommodate up to 3 separate drops of protein and fit the standard 2-drop or 3-drop MRC plates.  The product has a 100 or 40-micron thin layer of UVP specialty polymer developed for compact drop creation and ability to shoot X-ray without any noticeable diffraction. The non-UVP seal comes in 100-micron layer.

The SWISSCI hanging drop seals can be run with individual drops in the 96 positions or 192 drop – or 288 drops.
The volume of the drop is typically between 50 and 100 nanolitres.
The seal covers sit directly over the microwell plate crystallization reagent wells and are closed with a long term resistant closing adhesive which is validated not to ingress into the sample – nor lead to seal corruption.

To remove an individual crystal the seal may be peeled back or simply cut out with a scalpel. The material is very thin although still remaining as a perfect evaporation barrier and can be sliced with a knife very easily.

The seals are produced in a class 100,000 cleanroom environment and guaranteed to be dust and scratch-free.
Optical quality is of the highest level available.
The seals are able to be used in the UV / Non-UVP range thus enabling the user to recognize salt – from protein crystals under the Ultra Violet light source microscope.


革命性的 SWISSCI 悬滴结晶板密封件(UVOP / 非 UVP)带有无尘保护涂层和特种聚合物底座,随时可用。 Seals 最多可容纳 3 滴单独的蛋白质,并适合标准的 2 滴或 3 滴 MRC 板。该产品具有 100 或 40 微米的 UVP 特种聚合物薄层,专为形成紧凑的液滴和发射 X 射线而没有任何明显衍射的能力而开发。非 UVP 密封层为 100 微米。

SWISSCI 悬滴式密封件可在 96 个位置或 192 滴或 288 滴上单独运行。
液滴的体积通常在 50 到 100 纳升之间。
密封盖直接位于微孔板结晶试剂孔上方,并用经验证不会进入样品中的长期抗性密封粘合剂封闭 – 也不会导致密封损坏。


密封件是在 100,000 级洁净室环境中生产的,保证防尘和无划痕。
密封件可用于 UV/非 UVP 范围,从而使用户能够在紫外光源显微镜下识别来自蛋白质晶体的盐分。

Order Information 订货信息

Item: Hanging Drop Plate  Seal Round Well UVP / Non-UVP
UVP: 100-Micron Seal: HDP-UVP-96T02 | 40 Micron Seal: HDP-UVP-96T03
Non-UVP 100-Micron Seal: HDP-PE-96T03