SWISSCI 脂质立方相筛选试剂盒 Lipidic Cubic Phase Screening Kit

SWISSCI 脂质立方相筛选试剂盒 Lipidic Cubic Phase Screening Kit

Lipidic Cubic Phase Screening Kit

The Lipidic Cubic Phase Crystallisation (LCP) kit facilitates the automation and increased throughput of LCP crystallization set-ups. This novel system enables LCP screening to be performed accurately and with ease using manual or automated systems to complete the delivery of the solutions. Working with innovative scientists Professor Gebhard Schertler and Pat Edwards from the MRC Laboratory in Cambridge, Swissci AG developed a new system for setting up LCP screens.

脂质立方相结晶 (LCP) 套件可促进 LCP 结晶设置的自动化并提高产量。 这种新颖的系统使 LCP 筛选能够准确且轻松地使用手动或自动系统完成解决方案的交付。 Swissci AG 与剑桥 MRC 实验室的创新科学家 Gebhard Schertler 教授和 Pat Edwards 合作开发了一种用于设置 LCP 屏幕的新系统。



The SWISSCI LCP kit ensures crystallography set-up is fast, cost-effective, and robotically adaptable. In addition, Ultra Violet light can be used with the glass / UVP polymers to visualize proteins without the light scattering associated with traditional polymeric solutions.

The LCP technique for crystallizing membrane proteins can be difficult and time-consuming to set up as it utilizes highly viscous lipid mesophases to reconstitute proteins. SWISSCI AG and MRC overcame these problems with the LCP kit. This product combines an easy to use sandwich system with dedicated coupling tapes and thin-film UVP cover plates. It conforms to ANSI/SLAS 1-2004-Standards and thus is perfect for modern automation applications where high throughput is required.


Ready to use, the plate fits laboratory robotics and uses a SWISSCI unique polymer to ensure UV stabilizations is not compromised by polarization.
Easy sealing with dry tabbed adhesive tape exposure and thin UVP cover film. Included in the kit is a plate leveling device to ensure the cover perfectly adheres to the bottom LCP plate.
No cross-contamination and ANSI/SLAS 1-2004-Standard.
The Sandwich plate can be easily removed from the base plate when required – in-situ X-ray data collection and structure determination are then enabled.
The product comprises a 700-micron thick UVP base plate with a 100 micron top pressure adhesive that has a yellow ready to remove the cover sheet and a separate 100-micron UVP cover film with protective dust cover. The kit is completed with a SWISSCI plate-leveling device.
Maximum volume of drop 1.6 microlitres.



SWISSCI LCP 套件可确保晶体学设置快速、经济高效且具有机器人适应性。此外,紫外光可与玻璃/UVP 聚合物一起使用,以使蛋白质可视化,而不会产生与传统聚合物溶液相关的光散射。

用于结晶膜蛋白的 LCP 技术设置起来既困难又耗时,因为它利用高粘性脂质中间相来重组蛋白质。 SWISSCI AG 和 MRC 用 LCP 套件克服了这些问题。该产品将易于使用的夹层系统与专用耦合胶带和薄膜 UVP 盖板相结合。它符合 ANSI/SLAS 1-2004 标准,因此非常适合需要高吞吐量的现代自动化应用。


该板可立即使用,适合实验室机器人,并使用 SWISSCI 独特的聚合物,以确保紫外线稳定性不会受到偏振的影响。
使用干燥的标签胶带曝光和薄的 UVP 覆盖膜轻松密封。套件中包括一个板调平装置,以确保盖子完美地粘附在底部 LCP 板上。
无交叉污染和 ANSI/SLAS 1-2004 标准。
需要时,可以轻松地将夹心板从底板上取下 – 然后启用原位 X 射线数据收集和结构确定。
该产品包括一个 700 微米厚的 UVP 基板和一个 100 微米的顶部压力粘合剂,该粘合剂具有黄色,可随时去除覆盖片和一个单独的 100 微米 UVP 覆盖膜,带有保护性防尘罩。该套件配有 SWISSCI 板调平装置。
最大液滴体积为 1.6 微升。

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