Cryo-EM AutoGrid Cassette Puck-MiTeGen蛋白结晶


Cryo-EM AutoGrid Cassette Puck
Cryo-EM AutoGrid Cassette Puck

Cryo-EM AutoGrid Cassette Puck

The new AutoGrid Cassette Storage and Shipping puck is based on our 2nd generation Cryo-EM Puck. The AutoGrid Cassette puck allows users to screen on a Glacios and ship the same AutoGrid cassette puck to a collection facility, or allow facilities to store their cassettes in the puck canes, etc. Designed to fit into cassette loading station.

Watch CryoEM AutoGrid Cassette Puck Video

Works with the following storage, shipping canes and tools:

  • HC34 and HC35 storage canes
  • Puck shipping cane
  • Grasping tongs

Note, the Cassette Loading Station Insert (Shown in the upper left hand section of the image) does NOT come with the puck. It is shown for reference purposes only.

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