Morpheus FX-96 pre-filled plate,MiTeGen蛋白结晶,MiTeGen M-MD1-47-FX


Morpheus FX-96 pre-filled plate

Morpheus FX-96 pre-filled plate

M-MD1-47-FX is presented as 96 x 100 uL conditions.

A 96 condition 3D protein crystallization screen incorporating a range of low molecular-weight ligands. Unlock novel chemical space previously inaccessible using conventional screens.

包含一系列低分子量配体的 96 条件 3D 蛋白质结晶筛选。 解锁以前使用传统屏幕无法访问的新型化学空间。

  • Manufacturers SKU: MD1-47-FX
  • MiTeGen SKU: M-MD1-47-FX

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Features of Morpheus:

  • Simple and effective 3D grid design covering a range of pH, PEGs and salt additives.
  • An inexpensive and simple alternative to “silver bullet” screening.
  • Works for both soluble and membrane proteins.
  • Targeted incorporation of 49 low molecular weight ligands observed to promote both initial crystal formation and lattice stability.
  • Reduced crystal “stress” – all conditions are cryo-protected.
  • Derived from extensive data mining of over 33,000 PDB entries.