Lurasidone HCl


分子式: C28H36N4O2S.HCl   分子量:529.14


Lurasidone 是非典型的抗精神病药物,抑制Dopamine D2, 5-HT2A, 5-HT7, 5-HT1A 和去甲肾上腺素α2C,IC50分别为1.68 nM, 2.03 nM, 0.495 nM, 6.75 nM 和10.8 nM。


Dopamine D2




noradrenaline α2C



1.68 nM

2.03 nM

0.495 nM

6.75 nM

10.8 nM



Lurasidone antagonizes dopamine-stimulated [35S]GTPγS binding at human dopamine D2L receptor in a concentration-dependent manner with a KB value of 2.8 nM. Lurasidone antagonizes 5-HT-stimulated cAMP accumulation in the CHO/h5-HT7 cells with a KB value of 2.6 nM. Lurasidone partially stimulates [35S]GTPγS binding to the membrane preparation for human 5-HT1A receptors with a maximum effect of 33%. Lurasidone dose-dependently increases the ratio of DOPAC/dopamine in rat frontal cortex and striatum.


The inhibitory actions of Lurasidone on MAP-induced hyperactivity persists for more than 8 hours, and the ED50 values of the action at 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, and 8 hours after the treatment are 2.3 mg/kg, 0.87 mg/kg, 1.6 mg/kg, and 5.0 mg/kg, respectively. Lurasidone (1 mg/kg–10 mg/kg) dose-dependently inhibits conditioned avoidance response in rats with ED50 of 6.3 mg/kg. Lurasidone dose-dependently inhibits TRY-induced forepaw clonic seizure and p-CAMP-induced hyperthermia in rats with ED50 of 5.6 mg/kg and 3.0 mg/kg, respectively. Lurasidone (0.3 mg/kg–30 mg/kg) dose-dependently and significantly increases the number of shocks received by rats in the Vogel’s conflict test with MED of 10 mg/kg. Lurasidone (3 mg/kg, 2 weeks) significantly suppresses hyperactivity behavior in olfactory bulbectomy model rats. Lurasidone (700 mg/kg–1000 mg/kg) slightly prolongs the duration of loss of righting reflexes elicited by hexobarbital (anesthesia) in mice in a dose-dependent manner.Lurasidone (30 mg/kg, p.o.) significantly and dose-dependently reverses the MK-801-induced impairment of the passive-avoidance response of rats.Lurasidone (3 mg/kg p.o.) potently reverses MK-801-induced learning impairment in the Morris water maze test in rats. Lurasidone (3 mg/kg p.o.) potently reverses MK-801-induced reference memory impairment and moderately but not significantly attenuates MK-801-induced working memory impairment in the radial-arm maze test.Lurasidone (10 mg/kg) treatment increases total BDNF mRNA levels in rat prefrontal cortex and, to less extent, in hippocampus. Lurasidone (10 mg/kg) significantly increases the levels of mature BDNF protein in rat prefrontal cortex, without affect the protein levels of the neurotrophin (both precursor and mature forms) in hippocampal extracts.


DMSO 1 mg/mL,水 <1 mg/mL,乙醇 <1 mg/mL


2年 -20°C粉状,6月-80°C溶于DMSO





CAS 号:367514-88-3